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Kilah Davenport

Kilah Davenport3-Years-Old

Thank you so much for allowing us to add Kilah to our Survivor’s Wall album. She is a beautiful little girl and her story is inspiring. Also, thank you for your work in creating awareness and you have 100% of my support for Kilah’s Law.

Please join and support Kilah and her family at the Kilah Davenport Foundation. You can also visit their website at

Please take a minute and sign the petition for Kilah’s Law here

Kilah is a beautiful 3 year old that was violently injured on May 16th while in the care of a family member. Originally, her injuries were not considered something she could survive, but with the coming together of friends and family, their prayers are being answered.

Kilah has a very long way to go, and there are many things the family will need to help with her continued care and therapy. That’s where we come in! We are friends – old and new – that have come together to support this cause!

We hope you will join us as we support Kilah Davenport, her mother Kirbi Davenport and her grandparents Leslie and Brian Davenport.

Learn more about Kilah’s story at Caringbridge.

February 5, 2013

Today is a big day for the Davenports. Kilahs accused abuser has a bond hearing. Lets all hope and pray they keep him behind bars where he belongs!

From Kirbi:

Tmrw is the bond hearing and im leaning on my great family and friends. My beautiful babies and esp my miracle Kilah and of course God. I will hold my head up high no matter the result my anxiety is high but we will stand tall and it will work out like its suppose to! Holding my babies tight loving on my sweet Kilah a little more tonight! Mommy loves you Kilah & Bladen ?

Kilahs Law is being reviewed this week by lawmakers when it is introduced by Representative Craig Horn. For more information about the process, you can find more information here. (on website)